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My self, Mohammad Umar. At present I am working as Mathematics Resource Person (Rajasthan) with AzimPremji Foundation for Development. Here, we are working with education department of Rajasthan on the basis of MOU among state Govt. and AzimPremji Foundation.Being a Mathematics Resource Person my major responsibilities are to Develop Teacher training modules, curriculum documents, facilitate teacher trainings and provide mentoring and guidance to our members.I have robust experience of working as a mathematics resource person and Contributed for several state level intervention i.e. as a resource person for Govt. teacher trainings, curriculum development, content development and capacity enhancement program for our internal resource group, especially on elementary mathematics. Apart from this I am also contributing for visioning fellowship program, where we have to provide specially designed learning atmosphere to our fellows as a mentor.I have been working in the field of Education since 1999. Brief journey of my professional life is as given below.

1.      AzimPremji Foundation for Development  ( 2013 to 2016)

Served as an academic resource person for Mathematics for the Learning Guarantee Programme in Rajasthan. Here, I was involved in many trainings for mathematics teachers, as a resource person and also developed training modules on mathematics teaching for SSA, Rajasthan.  Worked as an editor for a teacher’s magazine published by AzimPremji Foundation.
At present, working to create enabling atmosphere to develop functional district institute and resource center for teachers at block level. As, I have long experience of working as mathematics resource person, hence worked as resource person for Govt. teacher trainings, curriculum development, content development and capacity enhancement program for our internal resource group, especially on elementary mathematics. Apart from this I am also contributing for visioning fellowship program, where we have to provide specially designed learning atmosphere to our fellows as a mentor.

2.      ICICI Foundation for inclusive growth ( 2011 to 2013 )
Associated with ICICI Foundation for inclusive growth at State institute for educational research and training, Udaipur, Rajasthan as pedagogy and curriculum specialist. Here, I was associated with school and teacher education reform program, Rajasthan and contributed for textbook and BSTC Course material development programs. Also, involved in teacher training module development and Key resource persons training at state level. During the textbook development process I have coordinated the large scale need analysis surveys and field testing of chapters from new textbooks.

3.      Eklavya an institute for educational research and training ( 2005 to 2010)
I also worked with EKLAVYA, Madhya Pradesh as a Research Associate of Mathematics group. As a member of Eklavya, I also contributed for educational reforms in Chhattisgarh, Bihar and also did teachers trainings in Uttar Pradesh. Here also worked as an editor for children and youth magazine ‘Udaan’.  I conducted many workshops to train youths for theatre and craft making related works too.

4.      Jagruti Baal VikasSamiti ( 1999 to 2003)
I worked as Science and Mathematics teacher for an experimental school “Swami VivekanandVidyalaya” in nearby village of IIT Kanpur. This school is run by ‘Jagriti Baal VikaasSamiti, Kanpur”. Here, I worked for the educational development of migrant laborers’   children who were working in brick fields of Kanpur and nearby districts.Many articles written by me, have been published in different educational journals and magazines (teacher plus, Shaikshiksandarbh, Udaan,Chakmak and Revive) on mathematics teaching issues in primary and upper primary classes.

Professional experiences
1- As an Academic Resource person with AzimPremji Foundation.
§  As a mathematics resource person for Rajasthan Team.
§  As a district coordinator for seeding district Chittaurgarh.
§  As a mentor for fellowship program in Rajasthan.
§  As a co visionary with Govt. Functionaries i.e. SSA, DEEO, DIET etc.
§  As a coordinator for large scale field measurement program at Bhilwara,District. 
§  As Teacher trainer in large scale teacher trainings and volunteer teacher forums.
§  As material and content developer for training modules and other materials for Govt.
§  As an Editor for teachers magazine ‘seekhanrijugat’.

2-      As Pedagogy and curriculum specialist with ICICI Foundation for Inclusive Growth.
§  Worked for Textbook development process at SIERT Udaipur, Rajasthan.
§  Worked for BSTC Course development at SIERT Udaipur, Rajasthan.
§  Worked as Teacher Trainer at SIERTUdaipur and various DIET’s of Rajasthan.
§  Worked as Researcher for state level Need Assessment survey in Rajasthan.

      3- As Research Associate with Eklavya, an Institute for Educational Research and Training.
§  As Research Associate in Mathematics Group and completed research on Innovative ways of mathematics teaching in primary classes.
§  As Resource Person or Trainer in ‘People science movement’ program.
§  As resource person for educational intervention done at Bihar and Chhattisgarh.
§  As an Editor for Youth’s magazine ‘Udaan’.
       4- As Teacher in Experimental school run by ‘Jagriti Baal VikasSamiti’ of IIT Kanpur.
§  As Mathematics and Science Teacher for classes 1st to 8th.
§  As a team member of science experiment showsat Govt. schools of Kalyanpur Block, Kanpur.
§  As theatre trainer for children of migrant laborers from Chhattisgarh, Orissa and Bihar.

Professional Qualification
§  M.A. in Education-Pedagogy of Mathematics and philosophy of education from TISS, Mumbai.
§  Foundations of Education course from Digantar, Jaipur.
§  Journalism and Mass Communication from Lucknow.
§  Diploma in Theatre from Song and Drama Division, Lucknow.

Educational Qualification
§  M.A. In Sociology from CSJM University Kanpur.
§  B.Sc. In Mathematics from CSJM University Kanpur.
§  Schooling from KendriyaVidyalaya, IIT Kanpur.

§  ‘Sab me Raam hi Raam’ published by ‘sandarbh’ a bi-monthly magazine by Eklavya.
§  ‘Chimniyonkesaaye tale’ published by teachers of india.
§  ‘Samaaveshishikshakemaayne’ published by teachers of india.
§  ‘Dangerous Contextualization’ published by Teacher Plus.
§  ‘The Unfamiliar Scale’ published by ‘Review’ a yearly magazine by Learning Network.
§  ‘From fraction to Proportion’ published by ‘Sandarbh’ a bi-monthly magazine by Ekalavya.
§  ‘My Mathematics class and Saurabh’ by ‘Sandarbh’
§  ‘One day in School’ published by ‘Sandarbh’
§  ‘Mid-Day Meal’ published by ‘Sandarbh’
§  ‘division of fraction’ published by ‘Sandarbh’
§  ‘A toy and Science behind it’ published by ‘Chakmak’ a Children magazine by Eklavya.
§  ‘Prashikshakhaintou’ published by ‘khojeaurjaane’ a teacher’s magazine by VidyaBhavan society.
§  ‘bhojankithaali’  published by ‘sandarbh’  a bi-monthly magazine by Ekalavya.
§  Several articles for ‘reason for hope’ column at E-Portal ‘Teachers of India’ by AzimPremji Foundation.
§  Many other writing pieces are published in
1. Palakneeti(teachers and parents magazine in Marathi language),
2. Sandarbh (Teachers Magazine in Gujrati language)
3. Udaan(children and youths magazine in Hindi Language, published by Eklavya)
All of My published articles are also available at my profile on link is given below

Reading- Research documents, literature, historical novels, articles on social political issues.
Writing- articles specially on my experiences
Watching Theatre and films, playingcricket,Drawing and Craft making etc.

Yemuna Sunny, Program Coordinator, Eklavya an Institute for Educational Research and Innovation

Jayashreesubrahmanian, Tata Institute of Social Sciences,

Sudhanshu Joshi, former vice-president ICICI Foundation for Inclusive Growth.

Personal Details
Name: Mohammed Umar
Date of Birth: 25th July 1977
Son of: Tahira Begum and Mohammed Islam
Phone Number: 9001565000

Present Address:  B 238, C/O Chatriwaalikhan,NearCentral Academy School,Senthi,Chittaurgarh,Rajasthan. Pin code- 312001

Permanent Address: Mohammad Umar, C/O Mohammad Islam,
Naramau,Mandhana, IIT Kanpur,Uttar Pradesh.


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